Little Stories, Big Picture 

The Bible is a foundational and profound part of the Christian faith. It tells of one complete story of how God, in his unabashed love, pursues after his people for their transformation, redemption and salvation. This story reaches its climax in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ who is the perfect representation of the character and essence of God. The mission of the church is take this good news and share it with the world, yet for many reading the bible, it can be both challenging and intimidating. As we walk through this message series, we are going to explore some of the little stories in the Old Testament to help us understand how each points to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ revealing the big picture of God’s redeeming love for this world.


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While you’ve been adjusting to your new normal at home, we’ve made a few adjustments as well. We’ve created digital resources for parents and kids as well as online group options for our students and church family.

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