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Abundant Life Worship Team

 It is our desire as a church and as a worship team to give ourselves to make the gospel good news for others. Worship is a vital part of expressing who God is and telling the story of His work in our lives, in our church and our world. Worship is often only considered to be what we express through music in our corporate gatherings; it is that and so much more. Worship is a lifestyle.

We invest in musicians and singers and desire to grow a community of leaders who hold serving the local church very highly. We want to be a team that serves with excellence and integrity. To be a team that encourages. To be a team that walks in wholeness—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And to be a team that is continually growing musically and spiritually.

Andy Stanley says;

“I’m still convinced that there’s something inescapable about music. It transforms words into lyrics. It changes walls into bridges. It turns listening ears into listening hearts. As a performer, as a listener, as a guest who might end up in a most unexpected place on a Sunday morning, music has transformational power. And it moves people in ways that even the best communicator cannot. Music matters. It’s not just songs. Or musicians. Or lights and equipment. Music is much more than that. Music is a doorway to worship. Inviting people to walk through that door, then step out of the way while we as a church, as a community, as individuals, answer the call to worship. A call that music sends out like nothing else.”

We are excited about what the Lord has in store for you here and that you are serving as a part of this Team. The guidelines included in this handbook come along with the privilege of being on the Team.

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