SRomans 8:31 New Living Translation (NLT)

If God is for us who can stand against us?

These days it seems like there are so many negative things we are battling.  A global COVID-19 pandemic, loneliness, isolation, fear, injustice, just to name a few.  As parents and grandparents we are spending so much more time isolated with our families and the stress is real!  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real, and the key to overcoming is to not do it alone!

Starting the day with prayer and asking for guidance and wisdom is a must.  God is the originator of all that is goodness and we overcome by applying God’s goodness to any and all…oh, so hard situations!  One of the things our house has been working on this summer is having the siblings use “kind words” with each other.  Starting the day reading from our children’s devotional bible, practicing giving each other a compliment, and praying for one another really makes a difference in our day.

Another strategy to overcome during the day is to have a schedule.  Children thrive on knowing what their day is going to look like, they also feel valued when they have some structure and input.  After devotions we make a schedule and each person gets to pick an activity, a chore to complete, and something they enjoy eating.  We write it down and make a plan for the day.  Having a schedule relieves anxiety and gives kids and parents a path to follow.  It also cuts way down on arguing!  A big overcomer plus!

Now that the weather is actually taking on a summer feel, it is a must to get kids away from their screens and outside.  We go to the park and walk, take our scooter or bikes, and enjoy the outdoors.  We also kick the soccer ball, play badminton, and eat our meals outside as often as possible.  Sunshine and Vitamin D help lift moods!

Another way to overcome is to engage with our ALC Kids content every week! Watch the God Stories, participate in games, and rock out and dance to kids worship.  We listen to and sing kids praise music in the car, and pray with the online prayer guides on Tuesday and Thursday.  Snuggling and reading a good book or kids bible is a great way to connect and keep up skills over the summer.  There are so many ways to keep positive and overcome!

God is for us and wants the best for our lives.  God is the originator of all good things.  Apply God’s goodness to any and all situations and be an overcomer with your kids this summer!

Nancy Finsaas
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Nancy Finsaas

Happy Valley Elementary Small Groups Director

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real, and the key to overcoming is to not do it alone!”

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