Indonesia Trip 2019


Dates: End of April 

Approx Cost $2400 (airfare included)

Who Should Go?  This is a great trip for those who enjoy working with children and have a heart for missionary care.

Global Outreach Trip Purpose: Our team will be supporting the Missionary Aviation Fellowship pilots and families who serve the isolated people groups on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. These pilots serve indigenous people who don’t have access to needed support for their spiritual and health care needs. They do this by flying supplies and support into their villages and injured or sick people to the city for help. Their families spend their time living and connecting with the mostly Muslim community in this part of Indonesia.

Global Outreach Trip Project:  Once a year, the families get a break and attend a conference to be trained, encouraged and refreshed. This is where our team comes in! We meet them at their conference in Balikpapan and put on an amazing VBS program for their kids while the parents attend important meetings. This is a once a year opportunity for these kids to connect with the Gospel in a fun and engaging way.

The team also has a chance to fly back to the missionaries’ homes and spend a few days with a MAF family, connect with the people they serve and do some work at a home to support the families of the sick patients they have flown to the city.