Ordination is a four-step process at ALC and will take place on a yearly basis.

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The goal of ordination at Abundant Life Church is twofold. First, we desire to formally prepare people for vocational ministry opportunities and provide a foundation to build upon. Second, in light of the challenges of ministry, we desire to encourage those we ordain by leveraging the backing of our church leadership to allow a pastor to confidently lead in whatever opportunities God has in store for them.

Ordination is a four-step process at ALC and will take place on a yearly basis.

Step 1

A candidate fills out an application to be considered for ordination. The Executive Team will approve candidates based on character, the desired use for ordination, and relationship with ALC.

Step 2

All approved ordination candidates will be enrolled in the Practical Ministry online course through Hope International University. This is an eight-week course taught by our Lead Pastor and involves weekly reading/assignments as well as a number of projects throughout the class. As a fully accredited class, each person will receive three college credits upon successful completion of the course. ALC will cover the costs of this course.

Step 3

Upon successful completion of the eight-week class, each person will then be assigned a mentor from the Elder Board. This is a three-month process where they will meet with their assigned elder a minimum of three times. These conversations will cover ministry/life balance, philosophy of ministry, and theology.

Step 4

Elders who have been serving as mentors will submit candidates to the Elder Board for final approval for ordination. Upon confirmation, candidates will be invited to an ordination celebration where the Elder Board will commission each person.

Begin the Process

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