A Message from our Elders | September 27, 2020


What is our current financial commitment to missions partners?

When you give financially, your contributions go toward our general fund, supporting all of our ministry and operational needs. We take 10% of every dollar in this fund to support our missions efforts here in Oregon and around the world. For a list of current missions partners we support, visit our Outreach page.


Where are we at in the search for a Lead Pastor?

We desire to find the right person to lead our church in this next season, and as such, are taking great care to not rush this process. Before we begin reaching out to our church networks or enlist the support of a search firm, we want to ensure we’re clear on the mission, vision, and approach the Lord is calling us to in this season. Once this work is complete, we’ll be able to confidently begin the next phase of this process.


How are we currently being led without a Lead Pastor?

The Elder Board continues to provide oversight to our church, particularly in its finances and general direction, with our capable staff handling the majority of day to day ministry and operations. We’ve also enlisted coaching support from Willamette Christian Church. A number of folks from their team are helping guide us through major initiatives, including healthy staff culture and communications, organizational structure, and our search for a new Lead Pastor.


What does this mean for our individual campuses?
We remain one church with three locations that are working diligently to serve the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their communities. In addition to his responsibilities at our Happy Valley Campus, we’ve asked Bob Timm to serve as the interim Campus Pastor for our Vancouver campus, and our staff as a whole remains committed to seeing thriving ministry in each area we serve.

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