The Lights of Christmas – A Drive-Through Christmas Celebration at Abundant Life Church

December 20th-23rd – 6:00-8:30pm

Abundant Life Church is located in Happy Valley.
Our address 17241 SE Hemrich Rd, Damascus, OR 97089

When arriving, tune your car radio to 87.9 to hear the soundtrack.

To accommodate as many visitors as possible, please drive safely and slowly, and do not stop or park your car in our lot. Sorry, but no walk-throughs.

Traffic and Flow

Please arrive traveling WEST on Hemrich Road from Foster Road. The entrance to Lights of Christmas is a RIGHT TURN ONLY from Hemrich into our East Driveway. Vehicles coming from 172ndwill NOT be permitted to turn left into the entrance from Hemrich.

To keep traffic flowing, as you exit you will be instructed to RIGHT TURN ONLY out of our parking lot, and then RIGHT TURN ONLY back onto 172nd.