The Bible Reading Plan involves reading a chapter from five lists each day – three chapters from the Old Testament (Lists 1-3) and two chapters from the New Testament (Lists 4-5). There’s no way to fall behind on this plan. You just pick up where you left off and get back into it.

This plan is intended for use with a physical Bible rather than an app. To begin, place each bookmark at the start of that list (i.e. one in Genesis, one in Job, one in Isaiah, one in Matthew, and one in Romans). Each day read a chapter from each list. Five chapters a day – one chapter from each list. When you finish all the books in a particular list you go back to the beginning of that list and do it again (i.e. after you finish Acts, reset List 4 back to Matthew). Because each list is a different number of books, you could use this plan the rest of your life and always have a different five chapters in a day.

This plan helps you see the bigger picture of the Bible without reading it to check off a list. We pray that it will help you grow in your relationship with God. Happy reading!

Download your own copy of the Bible Reading Plan. It’s easy: Download, print and cut-out the bookmarks.

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