Adopt-A-Family is an Abundant Life Church program where you can bless a family in need by adopting them for Christmas. We match you with a family and ask that you buy specific gifts for the children ($40 for each child) from the Christmas wish list and also include a $25 gift card for the family from the wish list.

Gifts will be dropped off at your ALC campus in a contactless setting on December 5th.

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Looking to help make Adopt-A-Family happen this year? We have several serving opportunities such as helping with gift receiving and distribution and weekend registration. Contact us using the link below.


Questions: What is Adopt-A-Family?
Adopt-A-Family is an Abundant Life Christmas program where you can bless a family in need by adopting them for Christmas. We match you with a family and ask that you buy specific gifts for the Children ($40/child) from the Christmas Wish List and also include a $25 gift card for the family.

Question:  What do I do with the gifts?
Answer: We ask that you wrap and label the gifts for your adopted family. You will then bring your gifts to the appropriate ALC campus on December 5 during one of the weekend services times. Community families will be picking up their gifts on Saturday, December 11 at their selected ALC campus. Each campus will be decked out with Christmas décor and fun activities for the whole family. If you would like to volunteer for the family pick-up day on December 11, please email us at

Question: I called my family and they do not speak English, what do I do?
Answer: Try calling after 3:30 pm. The kids will be home and quite often they can translate for you. Also try the alternate number on the wish list as it should be an English-speaking contact. Finally, try calling the ALC Adopt-A-Family team at (503) 658-8271 and they can help facilitate.

Question: I keep calling the family and no one answers or there is no voicemail?
Many of our families have an allotted number of minutes on their phone each month. Keep calling. Try calling on different days, times or on the weekend. Again, you can try the alternate number or the ALC Adopt-A-Family team at (503) 658-8271.

Question: Do I have to buy everything that is on their wish list?
No, recommended spending is $40 per child and getting the family a gift cards requested on the form. The Wish List is a way to get gift ideas. Do try to get at least one of their requested gifts, as well as a combination of clothing items and toys.

Question: How do you find the families?
Answer: We work with Title 1 schools and partner with school counselors, and other school contacts to identity families who need help for Christmas. These families then opt into the program. Once they choose to participate, they are partnered with an Abundant Life family for adoption.

Question: How soon until I get my family emailed to me?
Answer: We do our best to match families as quickly as possible after receiving an application. You should receive your family soon after filling out the registration form. If you’ve registered and not heard back, double check your email and the junk folder. If you still don’t find an email, let us know right away by emailing or coming to the Adopt-A-Family tables before or after services.

Question: I know a family that could sure use help this year or my family needs to be adopted.
Answer: Have them contact the church office at (503) 658-8271 to request benevolent assistance.


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