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Living out God’s extraordinary story the way Jesus showed us is best practiced with others. Life Groups meet in our communities to live out life by caring for one another, growing together and serving our neighbors.

At Abundant Life Church, Life Groups are the primary environment for people to grow in their practices of Bible study and prayer, meet the practical needs of its members and neighbors, and serve the community’s needs at large.


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Click below for a list of our groups. You’ll be able to click on a group’s profile to learn more or use the filter to find a group that may be a great fit for you.   

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We believe God uses regular men and women to foster the type of communities we see in Acts 2. To care for the people God entrusts to us, we need Life Group leaders who will take the privilege of caring for the people in their groups seriously. If you are interested in leading a group, please click below.

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Contact us if you have a question or would like to start a Life Group.

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